2010 - A first Christmas campaign for the Christian Vachon Foundation

Christian Vachon and his team are setting up the very first edition of the Christian Vachon Foundation's Christmas campaign. The campaign has gone from being a toy drive organized by firefighters to a rallying event involving the community.

2011 - 2019: A Christmas bauble for a child's happiness

The Christian Vachon Foundation and its partners invite the community to participate in the A Christmas Ball for a Child's Happiness campaign. To participate, simply sponsor a child by buying them a gift at Christmas.


A Christmas bauble for a child's happiness
is a unique way to get involved, to make a difference, to become the present but invisible Santa Claus for families and children who are going through difficult times.

2020 - 2021: A joyful gift for the happiness of a child

The A Christmas Ball for a Child's Happiness campaign is transforming to support all children from vulnerable backgrounds despite the pandemic. Now the Foundation is collecting cash donations. Transformed into gift credits, donations allow parents to choose a gift in store for their child's happiness.

2022 - A sparkling Christmas for all our children

The Christian Vachon Foundation listens to its community. 80% of the Foundation's parents prefer to choose a gift for their child. The campaign keeps the same concept as the last two years, but it has a new slogan and a new image: Give a child a sparkling Christmas.

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