How do we help children?


A unique



unique formula

The school teams:
our eyes
and our ears

in the field

100% dedicated
to the needs of the young person

A young person
will NEVER know
that he was sponsored


young people in
the need by
school teams
at the end of the year
requests by the Foundation
and routing
to families
Ready for
the start of the school year!

Thanks to its experience and expertise, the Foundation deploys an effective support program that targets children who have primary needs in terms of development and academic success. The census (selection) of children is efficient, fast, respectful and is carried out in complete confidentiality. The Christian Vachon Foundation has taken up this challenge, helping more than 6,000 children to achieve better success since its creation.

Since its creation in 2006, more than 80 schools spread across five school boards in the Estrie and Montérégie regions have received assistance from the Christian Vachon Foundation. More than $3.5 million was used to provide school supplies, clothing, food, entertainment and care for children from more vulnerable backgrounds. The foundation supports these families throughout the school year.

Tangible results as well as direct assistance to children and their families are possible thanks to close collaboration between the foundation, the school team, corporate partners and the community.

Our modus operandi

The close collaboration with the education network, the sensitivity shown by the Foundation to preserve the confidentiality of children and families in the granting of support, the light structure of the Foundation as well as the simplicity of the administrative processes are the keys of the Foundation's excellence and performance.

Félix C.

Annual requests

In May of each year , in the schools served by the foundation, there is an email sent to parents to offer them the support of the Foundation. After receiving all the requests, the Foundation selects the children it will support for the next school year. Subsequently, the Foundation relies on close collaboration between its various partners who, from the summer season and throughout the year, contribute to the effective deployment of their services.

Once families have been called to confirm the Foundation's support, help is deployed during the summer, whether to provide school materials or clothing so that the children are ready for the first day  back to school. Subsequently, the management of each partner school of the Foundation will receive information confirming which children have received support services for clothing, school materials and those who will be entitled to assistance for lunch and sports or cultural activities, etc. All this work allows all the children in a school to be on the same starting line.

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Ad hoc requests

From October 1st , via the secretariat of the Foundation's partner schools, it is possible for a family to make a specific request for an urgent need. Management will then email the family a link to the online application form to complete. This type of request is answered very quickly, particularly with regard to support services for clothing (snowsuits), school materials, lunches, sports or cultural activities and any other needs or services that are essential to proper development. and or the success of the children.