The support offered to children

by the Christian Vachon Foundation may include the following services:


Lunch at school

Depending on the resources offered (available) in the school or in the nearby environment, the service can range from a soup once a week to a hot meal for a maximum of three days a week. The foundation offers this service only as a last resort if no organization with this mission is in place in the school sector (does not include lunchtime childcare costs).


School supplies for the start of the school year

The foundation asks the families of children it supports to collect, during the summer, all the school equipment necessary for the next year in its partner stores or through their school.



An amount of $125 for clothing will be allocated to families for each child supported by the foundation in anticipation of the start of the school year. In addition, this support could be increased according to one or more specific (urgent) needs during the school year for winter clothing, for example.

ballon et musique

Activities (sports, arts, culture, etc.)

The foundation can offer an $80 credit (administered by the school) to allow children to participate in a minimum of activities during the school year. This amount can be used for school, extracurricular or any other activity that will allow the child to develop through a passion.

camion de pompier

Ad hoc (urgent) requests

As of October 1, through the secretariat of the foundation's partner schools, it is possible to make a request for one-off (urgent) assistance. This request can be as much to meet basic needs such as those mentioned above or any other form of assistance that goes in the direction of the mission of the foundation, for example for the purchase of winter clothes, boots, glasses etc.