Perseverance and self-confidence, the road to success!

Speaker: Christian Vachon

This man's reputation is second to none and his journey is exceptional. Being a child who experienced learning difficulties from his arrival in primary school, he began a long road to success and surpassing himself at a very young age. It was through running that Christian redefined his own limits.

Christian shows us how he was able to go from a young man with a bad start in life to this determined man. In 2006, he became the first athlete to run the 106 kilometers along the shores of Lake Memphremagog in a single day. This feat, although memorable from a sporting point of view, also gave rise to a major fundraiser for the benefit of underprivileged elementary school students. Subsequently, he set up the Christian Vachon Foundation. Each year, the foundation is able to help an increasing number of young people in need. Its effectiveness grew at the same rate as the challenges faced by its founder.

To return to the sporting plan, in 2009, Christian tackled one of the most difficult ultra marathons on the planet: the Marathon des Sables in Morocco. It is moreover the experience of this ordeal that is recounted in the conference. We draw a parallel between this ordeal which allowed him to go to the end of himself and his extraordinary life course.

Regularly invited as a speaker in schools to motivate and stimulate young people, Christian wants, by sharing his experience, that young people realize that they have power over their success, that they can overcome all the hardships put in their path with, among other things, perseverance. Christian, who still defines himself as a young person in difficulty, shows us through his admirable journey that to be successful in any field, we must persevere and never give up. To hear Christian Vachon at a conference is to see an example of perseverance, surpassing oneself and social commitment.

The Foundation works tirelessly to pursue its mission, which is to financially support perseverance and educational success by giving all children in need an equal opportunity to have access to this success. It is through the profits raised during the Relais du Lac Memphrémagog and several other activities each year that the Foundation is able to help all these children. Since its creation, the Christian Vachon Foundation has sponsored more and more schools every year.

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The values of Christian Vachon


It doesn't really matter what road you take, it's how you travel it that says it all.


In life, the most important thing is not to be strong, but to feel strong. You have to put yourself to the test at least once in your life to find out who you are.


To be strong in difficult times, we must prepare our body and our mind to live these moments. When the road is difficult or full of obstacles, we have to stay the course and make the effort, otherwise we don't make it to the end of the dream, we don't reach our goals.

get involved

In life, there are two types of people: people who commit and people who invest. Christian believes that there is only one way to succeed in life and that is to invest all his means and involve our loved ones in achieving our goals. Great successes are achieved as a team.

Distance doesn't matter, it's how you cover it that says it all.

Topics :

  • How to discover your passions and succeed in meeting the challenges that come our way
  • Accept their differences
  • The importance of always pushing your limits
  • Getting involved and taking action to make a difference


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